Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Al Azhar scholar repeats every single anti-semitic trope, calls for war against Jews

Al Azhar University is the most prestigious Muslim school in Egypt, and even with all the turmoil there it has kept its reputation intact.

Dr. Isma'il 'Ali Muhammad, is head of Al Azhar's Department of Islamic Preaching and Culture. He wrote a series of articles for the Muslim Brotherhood website about a favorite topic: Jews.

Here is just a few excerpts of his scholarly writings, translated by MEMRI:
A prominent [fact] is that the Jewish personality, wherever it is found, is never free of deviancy and corruption, and is always striving to perpetrate corruption upon the earth. It is a personality that is unable to coexist in peace and equality with others or to form good relations with them. In fact, it would not be an exaggeration to say that this personality is always a source of evil and harm in all human societies... and is completely unable to live in harmony in any human society.

The deviancy and corruption inherent to the Jewish personality are neither incidental nor temporary, and are not confined to [specific] situations, individuals or circumstances. They stem from the ideological roots of the Jewish essence, mind and spirit, and are based on a powerful conceptual system that permeates the Jewish soul like blood flowing through veins. This system is undoubtedly the main factor that shapes the [Jew's] personality and justifies his behavior over the years and in changing circumstances.

Reading the Bible and the Talmud, and the ideas and studies that are based on them, such as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the religious rulings of the rabbis, and the writings of Jewish philosophers, one finds that they reflect obvious hostility towards humanity as a whole, and supply the Jewish personality with a justification for its deviant and distinctive behavior... [These writings] encourage [the Jews] to extremism and to baseless arrogance and haughtiness towards anyone who is not Jewish. These ideological sources, which they hold sacred, inspire them to hypocrisy, deviousness and treachery, and [teach them] to consider the lives, property and women of non-Jews as theirs for the taking...

Based on this despicable racism and arrogance toward the rest of humanity, the Jews regard their religion as theirs alone. They do not attempt to spread it and are not interested in non-Jewish converts. They believe that Judaism is God's chosen religion, and nobody but them merits the honor of belonging to it. In the Jews' language, there is a special word for non-Jewish peoples – goy – whereas their word for themselves is 'am ["nation"]. Goy is a derogatory term. When a Jew calls someone a goy, he means [to imply] that this person is barbaric, savage, unclean and depraved...

The Jews believe that nobody in the world but them has any rights, that everything in the world is their property, and that God has given them the right to use and own everything – including other people's property. They do not refrain from using even the most despicable and depraved means in order to commandeer other people's assets. They believe that their holy scriptures, and especially the Talmud, sanction and even encourage them to take the property of others, to cheat them, and to steal their money by fraudulent, oppressive and hostile means. The basic presumption is that they are on par with God, and that God created them superior to all other beings.

The Jews' rabbis allow them to kill or butcher certain people, distill their blood, and use it to make the matzah that is eaten on Passover and on other holidays.

...[T]he Jewish personality rarely stops cheating and betraying the other in negotiations. When the Jew has an opportunity to evade his commitments to a non-Jew, he unfortunately does so immediately... These traits are rooted in their nature, flow like blood through their veins, and rule their hearts. They cannot be freed [of them] except by cutting their hearts out.

The whole world must realize the truth about the Jewish personality, its despicable nature and its religious roots, in order to recognize its hostility towards mankind and take the necessary steps to defend against its evil [influence]. We Muslims are the most competent to undertake this [task]. Our plan for war and for struggle against the enemy must include, if not begin with, familiarizing ourselves with this enemy, with the components of his character and with the factors that shape it. It is time to devote more [efforts] to taking an interest in this matter, studying it and publicizing it, so that we can confront the Jewish enemy effectively, with the awareness and consciousness needed to ensure an outcome in our favor.
Good to know that Muslim leaders are so much more tolerant than those awful Jews are - so tolerant that they want to benevolently rid the world of the Jewish evil.