Saturday, January 14, 2012

Work accident!

From Ma'an:
An explosion in the southern Gaza Strip killed a member of the armed wing of the Popular Resistance Committees, the group said late Saturday.

Khalid al-Qaisi, 38, died and five others were injured in the blast at the al-Qaisi home in Rafah, the Nasser Salah al-Din Brigades said in a statement. The injured were not named.

The statement said al-Qaisi was killed in action while performing a "jihad mission" in Rafah, but no other details were disclosed.

A medical official, Adham Abu Salmiya, said the charred corpse of an al-Qaisi family member was transferred to Abu Yousef al-Najjar Hospital after the explosion in Rafah, which borders Egypt.

A Ma'an correspondent said parts of the city "literally shook" during the explosion, the cause of which was not immediately clear. An Israeli military spokeswoman denied army involvement.

The PRC said secretary-general Zuhair al-Qaisi, a relative of Khalid, was unharmed.
This is of course Israel's fault.

If Gaza wasn't so crowded, PRC members wouldn't have to build their bombs in their own houses. They would have modern, gleaming bomb/suicide belt/rocket factories, with the latest quality control procedures to minimize these "work accidents."

Perhaps even the UN and Jimmy Carter's "Elders" could send inspectors to issue certifications and vouch for the safety of these factories, all to ensure the health and security of Gaza's terrorists.