Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tunisians rally to criminalize normalization with Israel

From Tunisia-Live:
The National Committee for Supporting Arab Resistance and Fighting Normalization and Zionism, is a post-revolution Tunisian association whose mission is to lobby the National Constituent Assembly to criminalize normalization with the State of Israel.

The association organized a rally on Sunday, January 29th at the Ibn Khaldoun Cultural Center in downtown Tunis. Almost 100 people attended.

“We want our new constitution to include an article outlawing all types of normalization with the Zionist terrorist entity,” announced Ahmed Kahlaoui, President of the National Committee for Supporting the Arab Resistance and Fighting Normalization and Zionism.

Kahlaoui expressed his discontent with Tunisian civil society for their disinterest in the Palestinian cause.

He blames the lack of interest on what he calls foreign funding coming from “Zionist bodies” attempting to divert Tunisians from paying more attention to normalization.

“But what can we expect from people receiving huge amounts of money from Zionist bodies disguised behind the masks of tolerance and democracy,” Kahlaoui declared.

Hatem Dkhil, is a high school teacher and an anti-Israel advocate. He accused the Ben Ali regime of cultural normalization with Israel.

“The previous regime tried to corrupt the minds of young people… the previous educational system glorified Zionist figures.”

Dakhli also added that making a difference between Zionism and Judaism is “nothing but an illusion.”

According to Dakhli, under the previous regime, school textbooks were designed by “Zionist teachers.”

Dakhli was particularly upset with the maps in former regime textbooks. “In the maps of the Arab world, they either only mention Israel or recognize both Israel and Palestine,” he complained.

Tunisia actually has a National Day for Criminalizing the Normalization of Relations with Israel, on December 30. During this last day a number of groups participated, including - get this - the Tunisian League of Tolerance!