Sunday, January 22, 2012

Stories from the "open air prison" of Gaza

In the latest report from COGAT, detailing the imports and exports between Gaza and Israel, we learn an interesting detail:

Heavy-duty diesel for the power plant is delivered directly from Egypt according to the Palestinians' decision; therefore, no diesel is transferred from Israel.

For years Palestinian Arabs and their anti-Israel cohorts have blamed Israel for choking off Gaza's power plant. Yet now Hamas is saying it doesn't need any diesel fuel from Israel at all!

Does that sound like a besieged area?

Other interesting stories about that "open-air prison" known as Gaza that you won't see in the news:
  • During that same week, Gaza exported 56 tons of agricultural goods (carnations, cherry tomatoes and strawberries.)

Also, last week, the Arab League sent 45 tons of food to Gaza through Rafah.

Sounds like a lot, right?

Here are the amounts sent via Israel to Gaza during the second week of January:

Food Products Trucks Tons*
      Wheat  6 120
      Cooking Oil  7 140
      Rice 2 40
      Produce (Fruits and Vegetables) 57 1140
      Meat, Chicken and Fish Products  44 880
      Salt  8 160
      Dairy Products  25 500
      Flour  23 460
      Sugar  8 160
      Mixed\ Additional Food Products  92 1840
Total food, tons 5440

Most of the aid coming through Israel's crossings originate in the West, showing that while Arabs trumpet every time they give any aid to Gaza, it is a token amount compared to what comes from the West.

And, by the way, Juan Cole's site still says that exports from Gaza are "zero."

*I based this on 20 tons/truck. The total shipments given in the COGAT statistics indicate 25 tons of aid per truck, so this is a conservative estimate.