Thursday, January 19, 2012

PalArab newspaper reminds readers to shut up about terror orgs

Palestine Today, which is associated with Islamic Jihad, has a curious article telling its readers that some things about "resistance organizations" that must remain unsaid.

Examples of things about members of terror groups that must never be revealed:

  • Names, jobs and social status 
  • Affiliation
  • Type of work done
  • Distinctive marks that could identify someone
  • Members' temperaments, habits 
  • Members' routines
  • Where they hang out (mosques, cafes, parks)
  • Their relatives and friends
  • Telephone numbers and addresses
  • Details on their cars or transportation methods

As far as the organizations themselves go:

  • Objectives, strategies
  • Precautions
  • Where secret work is done
  • Where they get money from
  • The organization chart
  • How they recruit
  • How they communicate
  • Their front organizations

Somehow, I don't think a "Wikileaks" in Gaza would go over very well.