Monday, January 23, 2012

Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt calls for Palestinian state on "all territories"

Egypt's Youm7 reports that the leader of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, Mohamed Morsi, told Hamas' Khaled Meshal that his organization supports the establishment of a Palestinian state "on the entire occupied land" as well as the Palestinian "right of return."

Hamas considers all of Israel to be "occupied." Morsi seems to have allowed himself some wiggle room to pretend that he meant only the land across the Green Line, although even the Youm7 headline understood him to mean "We will seek to establish a Palestinian state on the all of its territory."

Mosri also told Meshal that the Palestinian issue was, is and will remain in the heart of the Egyptian people at the core of the Freedom and Justice Party, claiming that it was one of the key drivers of the Egyptian revolution, protesting the actions of the former regime towards the Palestinian cause, "especially the brave resistance against the occupation."