Thursday, January 12, 2012

Muslim Brotherhood flip-flops, now says it would consider allying with Salafis

Last month the Muslim Brotherhood website said:

The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) denied alleged alliance with the Salafist al-Noor Party, and confirmed that the only electoral coalition now is with the Democratic Alliance which includes 11 parties, al-Noor not one of them.

Saad El Katatny, FJP Secretary General, criticized media fabrication of news about the FJP and its alleged alliance with the Salafist al-Noor Party to form an "Islamist government," and urged Egyptian media to abide by professional standards of accuracy and objectivity at this critical timing.
This was echoed at OnIslam a couple of days ago:
Salafi and Brotherhood leaders have ruled out an alliance between the two Islamist groups in parliament as Salafis are seen as politically inexperienced.
But now Al Jazeera says that the MB's Freedom and Justice Party is considering an alliance with the Salafi Nour party.

A deputy of the Muslim Brotherhood told the newspaper that FJP is still looking at all possible coalition partners, but that it is "obvious" that there will be some sort of alliance with Nour and it would be natural to invite them into the coalition.

Al Masry al Youm said on Sunday that the FJP was considering a coalition with Nour, as one of five options the party is studying.