Sunday, January 08, 2012

Morning links

"Popular resistance" - 4 terrorists with 12 bombs, gun and knife caught at one of those inhumane checkpoints

Stonegate: Divisions in Hamas' leadership exposed in Sudan

Abbas' honoring a child-murderer is ignored by the Left

Volume of trade between India and Israel is now $5 billion annually; expected to triple when a free trade agreement is signed later this year. Sorry, Israel-haters.

Solving a problem begins by calling it by its proper name, at Treppenwitz

You know how the Left pretends to be against discrimination? Well, that doesn't apply to the ultimate evil of Jews wanting to live in their ancient homeland. Left wing group petitions High Court against allowing a Jewish settler from being a judge.

Over 100 mosques attacked over the past five years - in the Netherlands.

Israeli ophthamologists from Tel Hashomer Hospital go to Nablus to help treat eye diseases, do a surgery marathon. A young boy asked why the Jews were helping his grandfather; his parents answered "not all Jews are bad."

The biggest kids' store in the Middle East is in Israel - and owned by an Israeli Druse.

A flashmob of religious and secular women in Bet Shemesh:

Israelis saving the world again: an artificial pancreas.