Monday, January 09, 2012


Things I didn't get a chance to blog....

Umar Mulinde, an evangelical pastor from Uganda who recently began preaching support for Israel, was doused with acid by Muslim extremists on Christmas Eve. Mulinde suffered severe burns and eye damage, and was brought to Sheba Medical Center for treatment.

Katy Perry’s preacher father slams Jews in a sermon.

The official Bet Shemesh women's flashmob video.

"Repression and state violence is likely to continue to plague the Middle East and North Africa in 2012 unless governments in the region and international powers wake up to the scale of the changes being demanded of them, Amnesty International warned on Monday in a new report." It takes guts to predict that things will remain the same.

Will "unity" lead to Hamas takeover of the PLO?

There will be a BDS conference at University of Pennsylvania called PennBDS next month, so the person behind Divest This! created a website to ridicule and rebut all of their points at PennBDS-Oy!