Friday, January 20, 2012

Jenny Tonge and her Hamas idol

Remember Jenny Tonge, the British baroness who accused Israeli doctors of stealing the organs of disaster victims in Haiti?

Yesterday she spoke at an event in the British Parliament for the "Palestinian Return Centre".

At one point she picked up a magazine (apparently part of the Independent) that had a four page story on Hamas terror leader Ismail Haniyeh, talking about how wonderful that was.

You can see her entire speech, along with plenty of other hateful speakers, at Richard Millett's blog. Truly amazing.

Here's that heroic photo of Haniyeh from the Independent:

The interview is here. While part of it is fawning, there is at least a little skepticism there:
[T]here have also been allegations – by Amnesty International, among others – of the repression of political dissidents, detentions, and beatings meted out without even the pretence of a trial. Similar accusations have been levelled at the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank. I cannot vouch for the accuracy of these charges; what I did witness in Gaza, however, was something of the atmosphere of fear and intimidation that one would expect in such an environment. One evening, I had dinner with a selection of local artists, musicians and private citizens. After we had finished eating, a figure in a loose-hanging black leather jacket appeared and took a selection of them to one side to demand their names and details of why we had been meeting.
Sounds like a place that Baroness Tonge would feel right at home.

(h/t Simply Jews)