Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How news is manufactured, Al Arabiya style

From Al Arabiya:

A Moroccan minister of the ruling moderate Islamist Justice and Development Party (PJD) told a crowd in Rabat that he anticipates Palestine to be liberated as more “walls” protecting Israel continue to fall during the Arab Spring, Moroccan Media reported on Tuesday.

Abdelkader Aâmara, minister of industry, trade and new technologies, was speaking during an event to commemorate the 2009 war on Gaza organized by the Moroccan initiative for the support of Palestine, Nossra and a student initiative against normalization with Israel.

Meanwhile, Khaled al-Sufyani, a Moroccan activist for a group that supports Iraq and Palestine, seconded Aâmara by saying that the liberation of Palestine will be in the “near future.”

“Victory over the Zionist project is coming, as my brother Aâmara has said a while ago,” according to Nossra, a web site.

Sufyani warned Moroccans not to rely on prime minister and PJD chief Abdelilah Benkirane alone to support Palestine. He accused André Azoulay, a Moroccan Jew and a senior adviser to King Mohammed VI of Morocco, of pushing the kingdom toward normalization with Israel.
But here's one interesting detail:
Aâmara, a member of Gaza Freedom Flotilla, decried the small audience at the event, saying that people have to “participate in such events because they are a media message that should reach the world.”
So some Israel haters gave a speech to very few people in Rabat - and Al Arabiya features it as a worldwide story!

I found photos of the entire anti-Israel event. Lots of speakers and presentations, and it looks like it was done in a fair sized auditorium, but unfortunately there are no crowd shots.