Friday, January 20, 2012

Hamas says it will investigate attack on human rights activist. Sure.

Ma'an reports:
The Gaza government on Thursday vowed to find the perpetrators of an attack on a human rights activist who was stabbed in Gaza City.

Mahmoud Abu Rahma was attacked by masked men and stabbed multiple times while walking back from his brother's house on Friday night, he told Ma'an.

"There were three masked men following me, I ran quickly toward the house but I tripped on the stairs and fell over. They began attacking me, stabbing me in my right thigh, three times above my right knee, my back and left shoulder, and cutting off part of my hand," Abu Rahma told MADA, the Palestinian center for media freedoms.

He had received death threats shortly after authoring an op-ed calling for legal redress for victims of misfiring and other operational mistakes by resistance groups as well as violations by Palestinian governments.

The Hamas-led government in Gaza condemned the attack, which it said violated religion, law and customs in a statement Thursday.

The Interior Ministry will investigate the incident and find the perpetrators, the statement said, adding that the government had received a complaint from the Al-Mezan human rights group which employs Abu Rahma.
The main focus of Abu Rahma's article in Gaza was Hamas itself. It is highly likely that he was attacked by one of those masked Hamas "security forces" that show up quite often in Gaza.

Hamas also has a history of attacking NGOs in Gaza, of arresting critics of its policies, and for shutting down any activity that it doesn't explicitly approve.

This should be a fun "investigation."