Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Hamas blames Fatah for "unity" problems

Over the past week I reported about the many arrests by Hamas of Fatah leaders in Gaza.

Today, Hamas made the same accusations of Fatah, putting out a report that said that 72 people were arrested by the Fatah-dominated PA in December, including ex-detainees, imams and preachers, and university students, many of them Hamas members. He also accused the PA of torturing their prisoners.

In addition, Hamas said that contrary to reports, the PA has not sent enough blank passports to Gaza to allow citizens to leave the sector.

Those two issues - political prisoners and passports - were top two priorities since the original "unity" meeting between Hamas and Fatah in May. Apparently, little has changed.

Meanwhile, Fatah official Nabil Sha'ath has visited Gaza. According to Ma'an, he will meet with "all political factions" in Gaza, which sounds like it includes terror organizations like Islamic Jihad who have been considered as PLO members.