Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hackers apologize for taking down Ha'aretz website

Yesterday, the Ha'aretz Hebrew website (and maybe the English one as well) was taken down by a denial of service attack in the tit-for-tat attacks that anti-Israel and pro-Israeli hacker groups have been launching.

The group AnonPS that claimed the attack, and tweeted:

Free Anonymous

I tweeted in response:

Pro-Palestinian hackers aren't too bright if their target is Haaretz: 

Apparently, the hackers ended up agreeing with me! They apologized:

 we are sorry , we didn't know that haaretz is a good newspaper,we sorry about this , and be sure no one will attack u again .

Nice to know that Israel haters know who their friends are!

Meanwhile, the anti-Israel hackers attacked a couple of Israeli hospital websites. So moral!

In case you don't know, it takes zero skill to perform a denial of service attack. It is the cyber equivalent of having a hundred phones calling up the same phone number over and over again so that legitimate callers get busy signals. Calling this a "cyber war" is absurd; it is cyber-graffiti at worst.

(h/t Honest Reporting media cheat sheet)