Wednesday, January 18, 2012

EoZ Facebook problems continue

Despite weeks of complaints to Facebook, it is still banning links to this blog:

Sorry, this post contains a blocked URL

The content you're trying to share includes a link that's been blocked for being spammy or unsafe:


For more information, visit the Help Center. If you think you're seeing this by mistake, please let us know.

This is costing me thousands of hits that I normally get from FB.

It is also stopping people from "Like"-ing any of my posts on the blog itself.

Chances are someone who didn't like my opinions decided to shut me down by complaining that the blog is spam.

For those who are frustrated and want to share EoZ links on Facebook, my suggestions are:

  1. Click on the "let us know" link and fill it out every time; maybe someone will actually do something
  2. When you paste a link from this blog, replace "elderofziyon.blogspot.com" with "eoznews.com" in the URL. Hardly ideal - FB doesn't show the beginning of the post nor any pictures - but at least it works.
  3. Switch to Google Plus and join my page there  :) (Unfortunately, I cannot update that page automatically so it is usually behind.)
For some reason, links that are generated from my Tweets are still allowed in Facebook, so you can subscribe to my FB page and click on my links from there successfully.

And following me on Twitter will also allow you to see all my posts as well as my tweets - and there are tweets every day to interesting items I never get around to blogging (like this, for example, that came from a comment here by Shtrudel). 

Thanks for all the people who have been emailing me about this. I appreciate the support.