Sunday, January 01, 2012

Egypt Muslims burn Copt homes after Mohammed drawing posted

From Al Masry al Youm:
The prosecutor’s office in the Upper Egyptian Governorate of Assiut has ordered the detention of Gamal Abdallah Masoud, a Coptic high-school student accused of posting images on his Facebook account that Muslim residents described as “offensive” to Prophet Mohamed.

Masoud denies posting the images, claiming that they were shared on his Facebook account without his permission.

As news of the images spread on Friday afternoon, angry Muslim residents from four villages in Assiut gathered to pelt security forces with stones after fire-bombing Masoud’s house. The house was empty at the time and the attackers failed to break into it due to tight security measures.

Masoud was taken by security forces to an unknown location to be interrogated over the alleged incident.

In Salam village in Damaira, a group of angry residents also set the homes of two Coptic families on fire. However, no injuries were reported as security forces and fire fighters arrived on the scene in time to put out the flames. The protesters attempted to set a third home on fire, but security forces intervened and secured the homes of Copts in the villages of Adr and Salam.

Clashes erupted again in the afternoon between security forces and the residents of the villages of Adr and Baheeg, with hundreds gathering to call for the Coptic man’s removal from the village. They bombarded security with stones and set fire to the agricultural waste around his home, forcing security forces to use tear gas to disperse them.

Last October, an Egyptian court sentenced a young Coptic man to three years in prison for posting opinions on his Facebook account that were thought to be offensive to Islam and Prophet Mohamed.
According to some accounts, the drawing showed four women asking Mohammed's hand in marriage.

If someone finds the cartoon, please send it to me.