Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Deceiving Palestinian Arabs for 63 years

From a report from The [American] Consul at Jerusalem (Burdett) to the Secretary of State, marked "Secret," October 29, 1949 (Foreign Relations of the United States, 1949, Volume VI, page 1457:)
Better informed refugees now realize that repatriation in the sense contemplated by the December 11, 1949 [sic] resolution of the General Assembly is out of the question and they no longer think the United Nations will enforce the resolution. However, no one dares to say so openly for the great mass of the refugees has been nourished on this illusion and a frank statement of the extent of the deception might kindle an explosion. It would certainly eliminate the chances of leadership of the person making the first announcement. 

Nothing has changed. 

Palestinian Arabs in Lebanon, Syria and around the world are still told the lie that they will one day "return" to land they never lived in, and no one has the ability to tell them that they have been fooled for 63 years and to find another solution for their own children and grandchildren.

Which is why they will remain stateless for the next 63 years as well.

Recall that an outgoing UNRWA official stated the truth a while back, in an episode remarkable for its rarity. Andrew Whitley said
If one doesn’t start a discussion soon with the refugees for them to consider what their own future might be – for them to start debating their own role in the societies where they are rather than being left in a state of limbo where they are helpless but preserve rather the cruel illusions that perhaps they will return one day to their homes – then we are storing up trouble for ourselves....We recognize, as I think most do, although it’s not a position that we publicly articulate, that the right of return is unlikely to be exercised to the territory of Israel to any significant or meaningful extent...It’s not a politically palatable issue, it’s not one that UNRWA publicly advocates, but nevertheless it’s a known contour to the issue.

Whitley was slammed for his statement by UNRWA, the PA and Jordan, forcing him to recant.

Sounds exactly like what the Consul predicted six decades before!

So many countries and leaders and organizations are wedded to the myth of Palestinian Arab "return."  Everyone knows it is a myth, and everyone has known this since 1949 - but no one is willing to stand up and say the plain truth out loud.

The misery of the Palestinian "refugees" will be prolonged for generations to come because their leaders, and those of the world community at large, are made up of cowards.