Thursday, December 15, 2011

Iran destroys dome design with hundreds of Jewish stars

From YNet:

The Tehran Municipality has demolished the dome in the city's central square on Tuesday due to criticism that the monument featured Stars of David, which are associated with Judaism.

The Iranian news agency Fars reported that "part of the dome in Revolution Square, which resembles the symbol of the Zionist regime, has been destroyed by municipality workers."

According to the report, the ornamental tiling that adorned the dome has been removed, leaving it bare. It is unclear whether the dome is to be overlaid again with more appropriately-themed tiling.

Fars said that the measure was taken due to mounting disapproval of the dome's appearance. A different Iranian website reported that worshipers from a central mosque held a protest march a few days ago, urging the municipality to remove the Jewish symbols.

Here's the dome, in the middle of Revolution Square, before the destruction:

Don't see the stars? Iranian websites help you out:

Ah, there they are. So let's destroy this evil Jewish Zionist symbol.

And what does it look like after we are done eradicating this evil from our midst?

Yes, right now the stars are more obvious than they were before!

But there is another issue here. The Israeli flag does not only have stars - but two straight lines as well!

As all Muslims and Arabs know, those two lines represent the Nile and the Euphrates, showing Israeli expansionist designs. They are just as terrible as the six-pointed star itself. In fact, I have it on good authority that practically every building in every major city in Iran was secretly designed by Zionist engineers to include at least two parallel lines, usually on the outside walls, just to covertly show their supremacy.

Just to play it safe, that Iranians should also destroy all of their structures that include parallel straight lines.

(h/t T34 and someone else I can't find)