Friday, December 02, 2011

The annual UN hatefest against Israel

While every day is "hate Israel" day at the UN, November 29th is special. It is the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, held ironically on the day that the UN voted to create a Palestinian Arab state, a resolution rejected by the entire Arab world.

This year's farce featured the passing of no fewer than 6 anti-Israel resolutions in one day.

Iran voted for the resolutions, but with reservations - it did not recognize any reference to a "two state solution," a "peace process" or any other language that could be construed as accepting Israel's existence.

At the same time, the UN held an art exhibit called "A Palestinian Vista — Uprooted from our homeland… We rooted the homeland in ourselves."

It featured crafts, performances and paintings of Jerusalem that have been scrubbed to ensure that no Jewish presence is acknowledged. The paintings were created by a Jordanian citizen who lives in Canada and who calls himself "Palestinian."

Anne Bayefsky wrote a piece noting the hate and hypocrisy of this event:

Speaking on behalf of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, Mansour clearly relished his annual moment at UN center stage. He accused Israel of the alleged offense of “Judaization,” in addition to “ethnic cleansing” and “apartheid.” Without batting an eye over the preposterous distortion, he claimed Israel’s membership in the UN was “conditional” upon “Israel’s commitment to the partition resolution” which he stressed gave it less area than it has now. He never mentioned that in 1947 Jews accepted the resolution and Arabs rejected it.

Solidarity Day also featured Yahya Mahmassani, speaking for the League of Arab States, who explicitly rejected Israel’s “insistence on recognition as a Jewish state.” Only one representative of “civil society” was invited – Americans United for Palestinian Human Rights. The reasons for his invitation quickly became clear as he called Israel an “apartheid state,” demanded “boycotts, divestment and sanctions,” claimed Israel was guilty of “pogroms,” and alleged that U.S. support for Israel resulted from our being “held hostage to domestic politics.” Ambassador Mansour clapped when the rant finally ended.

At the conclusion of the speeches, the Senegalese Chair of the UN “Committee on the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People” encouraged everyone to attend the screening by the UN of the film “La Terre Parle Arabe” or “The Land Speaks Arabic” – “in order to show solidarity with the Palestinian people.” Advertised in the UN daily journal,, the film draws parallels between the Nazis’ final solution and the alleged Zionist “brutal plans” for Palestinians.

The script for this UN-promoted film included: “Christians and Muslims alike…unite in their hatred of Zionism…I preferred to die as a martyr rather than be governed by the Jews …We were against the Jews…The number of Jews increased constantly…They were Zionists!… The Jews were shooting at us…They started killing people who were asleep…[We]…found a poor woman…pregnant. They had killed her and the baby came out of the womb. They started slaughtering them until morning.”

Iran's PressTV covered the art exhibit. Early on the video you can see a couple of Neturei Karta members attending. That organization has only one purpose - to destroy Israel.

The fact that they come to attend a purportedly "Palestinian" art exhibit shows that they know what all haters of Israel know - the purpose of Palestinian Arab nationalism is not the creation of a state, but the destruction of one.

If Israel didn't exist, the Arab world would never have even allowed the idea of an Arab Palestinian state.

The slick packaging of "Palestine" at the UN is nothing less than the mainstreaming of the concept of destroying the Jewish state in politically-correct terms.