Thursday, November 24, 2011

Non-story: School in Gaza named after a mass murderer

Yesterday, in Rafah, Ismail Haniyeh was on had to dedicate a new school named after Sheikh Yassin, the terrorist who founded Hamas.

This is not surprising, of course. 

It is barely news that Palestinian Arab schoolchildren are brought up to learn that the most bloodthirsty terrorists are national heroes.

It is not worth mentioning that of the hundreds of NGOs in the territories, many funded by Western governments, none of them will say a word in public against such displays of support for murderers.

And the idea that this is how Palestinian Arabs think, every day of every year, is not even a blip on the radar of the so-called "progressive" Jews whose entire lives are dedicated to finding fault with the country next door.

It isn't interesting. It isn't news. It is a dog bites man story. So it is not worth mentioning.

And because no one mentions it, because wire services have tired of such stories years ago, because it is not being reported anywhere in English, people don't think about it. And over time, they don't even know about it.

There is a huge difference difference between what is newsworthy and reality. Unfortnately, most people don't grasp that...because they get all their information from the news, and the news media isn't interested in stories like this.