Friday, November 11, 2011

Latin Americans for Israel - a lot of them

From Daylife/Reuters:
Members of the movement, "Raise your voice: Peace in Holy Land", holds up a sign during a rally against the creation of a Palestinian state by unilateral decree in Tegucigalpa, November 10, 2011. The sign (C) reads, "No to the division of the State of Israel".
Who is behind this?

"Raise your Voice: Peace in the Holy Land" has a video (Spanish with English subtitles) that provides an answer:

The website for Paza en Tierra Santa is impressive - tens of thousands of people have shown their support, and it includes much of Latin America as well as Spain in its activities.

The person behind it, Dr. William Soto, last year presented a petition for the release of Gilad Shalit that contained half a million signatures!

Popular, grassroots support for Israel is not only found in the US and Canada, but also among Christians in Latin America. So much so that last year a cheesy Spanish-language music video singing the praises of Israel became a bona-fide hit, with millions of views.

There should be more publicity for this, as well as cooperation between this organization and English-language pro-Israel groups.