Monday, November 21, 2011

Iranian soccer players charged for immoraility

I don't know how I missed this story....
The Rasht Prosecutor's office has announced that they are filing charges against Mohammad Nosrati and Sheys Rezai, the two Iranian soccer players who have been accused of "committing an immoral act" when one was shown pinching the others' bottom while the team was celebrating a goal on the field during league games.

Gilan Province justice department announced yesterday that Rasht Prosecutor is charging Mohammad Nosrati and Sheys Rezai of "committing an act against public morality and disturbing public perception."

The file against the two players is reportedly being investigated and a sentence will reportedly be issued soon.

The two players have already been condemned by Iran's national soccer federation both being suspended from participating in games. Rezai and Nosrati also have to pay fines of $300 thousand and $250 thousand respectively.

Last week a penal court judge also condemned the actions of Rezai and Nosrati and said it deserved imprisonment and 74 lashes.

Both players have claimed innocence against the accusations against them. They both maintain that the episode has been misunderstood or perhaps being misconstrued by their ill-wishers.

Maybe I'm crazy, but it seems that the repetition of the grope on TV is a bit worse than the act itself.

There was once a very similar Monty Python sketch, where soccer players get quite amorous after a goal, but I can't find it now. (UPDATE: Here is it, h/t jzaik):

If you need a fix, then watch this different and  tangentially related bit.