Sunday, November 13, 2011

Arab representing Israel in Miss Earth competition

From YNet/AFP:
As makeup artists and hairdressers circle her, Huda Naccache calmly discusses the media frenzy sparked by her appearance, clad in a skimpy bikini, on the cover of an Israeli Arab magazine.

The long-limbed 22-year-old, who comes from the mixed Israeli and Arab port city of Haifa, doesn't see the cover shoot for Lilac magazine as anything out of the ordinary.

For her, it was simply another part of a campaign in the run up to the Miss Earth competition in Thailand this December, where she will represent Israel.

But the cover shoot was the first time an Arabic magazine here has put a model in a bikini on its cover, and the first time an Israeli Arab model has been featured on a front page in so little clothing.

The image in question featured a defiant-looking Naccache in a black-sequined bikini, an open white shirt draped over her shoulders and her thumbs hooked in the sides of her bikini bottom.
AFP is burying the lede here, because the fact that an Israeli Arab Christian is modeling in bikinis isn't nearly as important as the fact that "apartheid" Israel chose an Arab to be their representative at Miss Earth.

Here's the controversial cover (click to see entire image) and an inside page from the magazine:

More on her Facebook page and a Daily Mail article about this from September.

(h/t Yoel)