Thursday, November 17, 2011

Amnesty support for a kangaroo court

The "Russell Tribunal for Palestine" is a publicity stunt where handpicked anti-Israel "jurists" listen to "testimony" from handpicked anti-Israel "witnesses" to come to foregone conclusions blaming Israel for everything under the sun.

To maximize their ability to promote their Ziophobia, the people behind it just came out with a book called "Corporate Complicity in Israel's Occupation" based on "evidence" collected at the London session of the "tribunal" last year. Naturally, none of the corporations they decided to slam in this book appeared to testify at this joke of a "tribunal" but that doesn't stop these pursuers of justice, who include anti-Zionist luminaries such as Cynthia McKinney.

The book, put out by the far-left Pluto Press, is being launched tonight in London.

At the Amnesty International Human Rights Center.

One cannot even detect the slightest bit of embarrassment at the unqualified support being given to anti-Israel bigots and their stunts.

Then again - the report of the "tribunal"'s supposed findings was held at the exact same venue.  (h/t amie for correction, see comments and his links)