Sunday, October 09, 2011

Jerusalem Greek Orthodox archbishop supports Assad

From Syria's SANA:

Archbishop of the Greek Orthodox Church in Palestine and Jerusalem, Atallah Hanna, on Saturday stressed that Syria is the country of amity among all religions where people, Muslims and Christians, live under national unity led by President Bashar al-Assad.

During a reception to a delegation of Arab students who are studying at the U.S. universities, Archbishop Hanna stressed the need to differentiate between the honest reform calls and the calls that imply vandalism and sabotage to Syria.

"We support reform and see that there is a conspiracy that aims at sabotaging Syria. We call upon Syrians to confront the conspiracy and support the reform program led by President al-Assad", he added
Hanna was awarded our 2006 Dhimmi of the Year award for so blatantly disregarding his own religion in favor of Islam.

He was fired as spokesman of the Greek Orthodox Church in 2002 for refusing to sign a document condemning terrorism. He also called upon Arab Christians to join Muslims in suicide bombings against Israeli civilians. And he accused Israel of spreading AIDS among Arabs using promiscuous Jewish women.

Oh, Hanna was also awarded the "Jerusalem Prize" by the Palestinian Authority Ministry of Culture in late 2004, well after his support for terrorism was widely known.