Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tutu seems to change his mind on boycotting Israel (video, updated)

Desmond Tutu has been the patron saint of the BDS movement, always available to promote any boycott of Israel.

A video just released by the Is Rael students organization of their meeting with Desmond Tutu in Cape Town on August 8 seems to show that Tutu is saying the opposite, that "boycott is not the way." Not only that, but he says that Israel has the right to live as an "independent sovereign state, whose boundaries are secured and recognized."

The impression I get is not so much that he changed his mind but that he is senile and more interested in playing to his audience than in worrying about anything like consistency.

(h/t LK)

UPDATE: I am told that the full, unedited video makes it clear that Tutu did not speak out against boycotting Israel.