Tuesday, August 23, 2011

UN report proves Gazans lie to media

In my last post, I wrote that Ma'an credulously quoted a Gaza doctor who said  that Israel was using new, advanced weapons that incinerated Gaza victims in a much more horrific fashion than in previous raids. As "proof," the doctor said "Israeli weapons made no distinction between women, children and the elderly, pointing out that a two-year-old toddler and a 13-year-old boy were among those killed in the latest escalation."

A UN report from OCHA shows that this 13 year old boy was killed by a Grad terror rocket that fell short, not Israeli fire:

Between Friday, 19 August and Sunday, 21 August, initial reports indicate that the Israeli Air Force carried out approximately 30 air strikes on the Gaza Strip, resulting in the killing of seven Palestinians, and the injury of approximately 30 additional Palestinians. Tank fire from Israel forces stationed along the border and at sea was also reported, without casualty or damage. During the same period, tens of rockets and mortars fired by Palestinian armed groups towards cities in southern Israel resulted in the death of one Israeli civilian and the injury of six, including a baby and a nine-yearold child. One Palestinian child, 13-years-old, was also killed, and six others injured, when a GRAD rocket fired by Palestinian armed groups fell short.
We've seen in the past that Palestinian Arab "eyewitnesses" will knowingly lie to the media, and this is yet another example. The question is why the media continues to report their lies with no skepticism at all.

Another recent example is Al Jazeera publishing an op-ed by a Gazan "eyewitness" who wrote:

On Thursday, and after a rough night full of Israeli air attacks on different locations in the Gaza Strip, we woke up to another hot Ramadan day which was interrupted by news about a shooting operation in Eilat, whereby five Israeli soldiers were killed and 36 others were injured.

The first obvious lie is that the Eilat attacks didn't kill 5 Israeli soldiers, but rather killed 6 Israeli civilians and two soldiers.

Far worse, though, is that this Gaza "eyewitness" is claiming that there were Israeli airstrikes over Wednesday night in Gaza preceding the terror attack - and there were none! Al Jazeera and other Arab media publish these lies without the slightest bit of embarrassment or interest in setting the record straight.

One other fact that becomes clear from reading the UN report: Israel's reaction to the terror attack was very limited. In fact, while Gaza terrorists shot some 100 Grad and Qassam rockets at Israeli civilians, Israel's response included only 30 airstrikes. Which means that by the bizarre definitions of the world human rights community, Gaza terror groups are guilty of using disproportionate force.

(h/t IsReal1948, Dan)