Monday, August 22, 2011

New, improved, deadlier Israeli weapons! Must be true - Gazans say so!

Ma'an shills a bit:

The head of an emergency ward in a Gaza City hospital said Monday that Israeli forces were using new, more brutal weapons against residents of the Gaza Strip.

On Thursday, Israeli forces began a four-day bombarded the coastal enclave killing 14 Palestinians and wounding dozens more in a series of airstrikes and drone attacks.

Dr Ayman As-Sahbani said patients were admitted with horrific injuries and that some bodies delivered to Al-Shifa Hospital were so badly burned they were unrecognizable.

He said Israeli weapons made no distinction between women, children and the elderly, pointing out that a two-year-old toddler and a 13-year-old boy were among those killed in the latest escalation.
Does this mean previous Israeli weapons did distinguish between women, children and the elderly?

This is simply a conspiracy theory dressed up in a doctor's clothes. Given that some 11 of the 14 killed in Gaza were in fact terrorists, and the others were human shields, the only point that can be made about Israeli weapons is that they surpassed their previous already-stellar record of avoiding civilians.

We've seen "car swarms" for years, and the bodies were pretty much toast in those cases as well.  This doctor is just playing the usual game of trying to blame Israel for war crimes when, in fact, Israel's brief gaz operation was proportional, limited and deadly accurate.

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