Thursday, August 11, 2011

PalArab leader threatens US if it vetoes PalArab state

I have previously discussed "the diplomacy of fear," where Arabs and Muslims will threaten huge uprisings unless they get their way - a time tested formula since at least 1877.

Today, Marwan Barghouti gets in on the threats. from AFP:

A Palestinian leader jailed in Israel has warned Washington that vetoing a Palestinian state at the United Nations would spark huge regional protests, Egypt's official MENA news agency reported Wednesday.

Marwan Barghouti, a leading member of the dominant Fatah party convicted of organising attacks against Israelis during a revolt that started in 2000, gave an interview to MENA through his lawyer from an Israeli prison.

"Voting against the Palestinian state would be a historic, deadly mistake in the record of US President Barack Obama, in whom there was hope for change," he said of Palestinian plans to ask the United Nations for state recognition.

Washington, which has failed in its efforts to mediate peace between the Palestinians and Israel, will veto the proposal if it reaches the UN Security Council.

"Such a veto will be confronted by millions-strong protests throughout the Arab and Muslim world, indeed throughout the whole world," Barghuti was quoted as saying.
Arabic accounts have him saying that a veto would signal the end to Washington's role in the region. His threats and rhetoric were far more extreme than was quoted by AFP:

[He said] the use of Washington's veto would be an example of "international terrorism" and the United States should reconsider its position on this matter, because the veto will not be directed against the Palestinians only, but against all the Arab nation and its against all the Islamic nation and its against the four-fifths of humanity, which supports the establishment of a Palestinian state.
Of course, when westerners capitulate to such threats then they become more effective, and in a few years we would be hearing that unless mosques are taller than churches in every town the Muslim world will rise up and protest.