Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Jerusalem moves up in the Islamic Holy Place rankings, now #2

Iran's IRNA quotes a Pakistani MK and religious leader, talking about the importance of Jerusalem as Iran's Al Quds Day is coming up in a couple of weeks.

Maulana Mohammad Saleh Shah Qurashi said that "liberating Al Quds" is a pan-Islamic responsibility, which probably means that all Muslims should invade Israel as soon as they possibly can.

He also said that Al-Aqsa is the second most holy place for the Muslims around the world.

This news stunned fans of Medina, which had held onto the #2 position for centuries.

This sudden move by Jerusalem up the rankings is sure to cause Muslim holy sport fans to complain to radio shows and resurrect the call for a playoff system where the holiest spot can be determined once and for all, for Shi'a and Sunni alike.

Supporters of the Mecca Masjids are getting nervous as this s the first challenge to their position in a very long time. The Al Quds Crusaders are taunting them with chants of "First Qiblah! First Qiblah!"