Friday, August 05, 2011

Africans sending aid to Gaza. Gazans sending aid to Africa. Round and round it goes.

Africans are sending an aid shipment to Gaza. Or at least, they were as of May 15th.:

The Africa to Gaza Aid Convoy send off was a huge success. The spirit of the convoy team members, numerous dignitaries, the press and the public, made for a truly great occasion. Leaving right on time for the beginning of their grueling journey, the convoy left town with a police escort to the cheers of a very emotional and appreciative crowd. An amazing experience was had by all.
The last update on their webpage was from July 16th when they were in Kenya.

Their Facebook page gets updated but without many specifics of where they are, what they are taking, or anything else.

But while they are on their journey, perhaps they will meet the aid going the other way - from Gaza to Somalia! From ABNA (Iran):

The Arab Medical Union in Gaza has been campaigning to raise funds to aid famine-stricken Somalians as the country sees the worst drought in sixty years.

‘’The campaign is aimed at showing the physical cohesion between the besieged Gaza and Somalia, and that the Palestinians have the ability to support and stand by the Somalis,’’ said Abdurrahman al-Haddad, the coordinator for the AMU emergency committee.

He added that despite the Gazans’ ordeal, they still ‘’feel the pain’’ of Muslims everywhere, especially in Somalia, where tragedy abounds.

The AMU has already sent a delegation and several aid convoys to Somalia, Haddad said, pointing out that those who saw what was happening there first-hand said the disaster is ‘’greater than can be described’’, as some 11 million Somalians are at risk of dying and four million experience hunger.

He went on to say that the campaign, titled ‘’from Gaza...hand in hand to save the children of Somalia’’, will continue throughout Ramadan.
It's a perpetual motion machine of humanitarian aid! (Just don't pay attention to the electric cable running out the back of the machine, coming from the West.)

(h/t Faith, Folderol)