Monday, June 13, 2011

Palestinian Arabs claim Israel is stealing their natural gas

From Globes:
Minister of National infrastructures Dr. Uzi Landau has instructed Noble Energy to develop the Noa North gas reserve in the Noa license. Sources inform "Globes" that the final decision to develop the field came after operator Noble Energy convinced Ministry of National Infrastructures experts that he field did not spill over into other parts of the reserve, which is partly under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority in the economic zone of the Gaza Strip.

Up to now, Landau has refrained from ordering development of the Noa field, fearing that this would lead to diplomatic problems vis-à-vis the Palestinian Authority. "Globes" reported in the past that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu discussed the matter with President of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas.
Of course, Palestinian Arabs are saying that the field is all definitely theirs. Palestine Press Agency headlined the story this way: "Israeli Infrastructure Ministry issued a license to steal gas from Gaza." A Fatah member was quoted as saying this is"an act of aggression, added to the new attacks on the capabilities of our people and their rights."

Needless to say, they do not report that Israel's infrastructures ministry has been working hard to avoid any possible legal issues in the field.

I could not find a map of the Noa gas field. Here are the maps I was able to find of Israel's offshore gas reserves. If Noa is the same as Mari-B, then Israel seems to have the bulk of that field.