Monday, June 20, 2011

"Miles of Smiles" exposes the lies of the flotilla

From Bikya Masr (Egypt):
An aid convoy heading to the Gaza Strip was allowed to cross into the embattled Mediterranean enclave on Sunday evening, Palestinian officials confirmed on Monday morning to Bikya Masr.

The vessel, Miles of Smiles, is carrying aid and some 60 activists, most Europeans, a few South Africans, Tunisian and Lebanese nationals, had docked at the northern Sinai town of al-Arish on Saturday before making the 45 kilometer journey to the Gaza border.

The activists are also carrying ambulances, medicine and medical equipment for the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, which has been suffering from an Israeli-Egyptian led blockade on the area.
To summarize:

Miles of Smiles Flotilla
Brings real aid, including ambulances Pretends to bring aid, but the aid it brings is useless
Works modestly without huge publicity; doesn't even have a website
Publicity whores

Has not acted violently
Justifies violent actions of IHH in May 2010 flotilla; supports terrorism
Adheres to international law Violates international law in trying to break legal blockade

Brings aid through Egypt
Has come out publicly against humanitarian aid delivered legally
Doesn't lie to the mediaAlways lies to the media