Thursday, June 16, 2011

Arab Facebook group: kidnap Israeli girl "to marry Shalit"

From YNet:
For five years now, Hamas has been holding Gilad Shalit but failed to secure the release of Palestinian prisoners in exchange for the abducted IDF soldier. As it turns out, Gaza radicals are fed up with this failure, yet instead of making do with a more minor release of detainees they prefer to boost the "loot" in their possession.

Accordingly, a new Palestinian Facebook group has been launched in recent days titled "The people want a bride for Shalit."

The intention behind the slogan is clear: A call for the abduction of an Israeli female solider who will serve as yet another Hamas bargaining chip in a future prisoner swap with the Jewish state.

Yet beyond the disturbing message, group organizers resorted to particularly sickening "humor" to further their cause, posting a doctored photograph showing a chained Israeli soldier held by an armed Palestinian woman belonging to Hamas' military wing, Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades.
By the way, from reading terrorist websites, it is clear that Hamas is more proud of the Shalit kidnapping than anything else. They know that Cast Lead was not a victory, but they happily point out that Shalit has been held for five years without Israel figuring out where he is.

(h/t Folderol)