Thursday, May 12, 2011

PLO reiterates that destroying Israel demographically is non-negotiable

From Palestine Press Agency:
The head of Department of Refugee Affairs in the PLO, Zakaria Al-Agha, said on Thursday that 'the implementation of UN resolution 194 and the return of Palestinian refugees to their homes with compensation is a right that is not subject to blackmail or barter in any settlement or political solution that comes'.

At a news conference on the 63rd anniversary of the Nakba at the Ministry of Information in the city of Ramallah, Agha said 'despite the difficult political situation, and obstacles and horrors, and the Israeli insistence on the looting of all Palestinian rights, still we send on this anniversary a message to all the world that we are committed to all of our rights, and especially the right of return and compensation.'
Of course, in the West, "everyone knows" that this will not happen and that the PLO will drop this demand in a negotiated solution. Too bad none of these "experts" actually bothers to read what the PLO has to say on the matter - and how consistent it has been about the issue since it was founded.

A unilateral Palestinian Arab state will not make this demand, to destroy Israel demographically, go away - it will intensify it.

Which is just one reason why the idea of European states and the UN recognizing the state of Palestine is a recipe not for peace, but for war.