Sunday, May 08, 2011


Sharp-eyed readers may have noticed that a few weeks ago, I placed a badge for StandWithUs on the sidebar of my blog, captioning it "EoZ Partner." Here is why.

StandWithUs is, in my opinion, the most effective hasbara organization on the planet. They are innovative, pro-active and creative. They are particularly effective on college campuses, standing up for Israel in the most hostile environments and teaching students what needs to be done to combat the lies.

When I came out with my "Apartheid?" series of posters, StandWithUs liked what they saw and proposed a partnership where I provide them with materials, mostly things I was doing for the blog anyway. The materials they like get co-branded between StandWithUs and EoZ.

I am of course honored to work with SWU.

Tomorrow, for Yom Ha'Atzmaut, I am unveliling a new series of posters. They will have the StandWithUs logo as well as the EoZ web address.

The posters' purpose is to instill pride for those who love Israel and to help make people proud to be called Zionist.

I hope you like them.