Monday, April 18, 2011

Abbas' newest threat: "PA will collapse!"

Mahmoud Abbas continues his long-standing strategy of making the world do what he wants: by threatening them.

His latest is reported in Palestine Today but seemingly based on this article in The Daily World Buzz, not sure where is was originally published:

The Palestinian Authority "will collapse" if Israel persists in its need to maintain a military presence in the territory of a future Palestinian state, estimated the organization's president, Mahmoud Abbas, in an exclusive interview. Abbas explained that during the peace negotiations in September 2010, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told of his desire to hold "for 40 years," a military presence in the border zone along the Jordan Valley in the West Bank.

"If you stay 40 years, that means it is an occupation that he will maintain the occupation. I reply: 'If you insist on it, let your troops here and continue its occupation forever,'" said Abbas, pointing out that Netanyahu rejected the proposed deployment of international forces, especially NATO, on the border.

On the assumption that Israel will be realized, "there will be no Palestinian Authority," warned Abbas, who on many occasions expressed his opposition to the continuance of any Jewish soldier in a future Palestinian state. It is the first time that Abbas spoke out loud about the disappearance of the Palestinian Authority if Israel's permanence in Palestinian territory.
The PA was built while Israeli troops were deployed throughout the West Bank. Its economy is thriving while Israeli troops are there. It is getting praise for its supposed state-building from the World Bank and the UN while Israel is there.

Now, if Israel stays there, it will collapse?

I fully expect that an independent Palestinian Arab state, should it ever come about, would not last 40 years. Or even 20.