Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Palestinian Arab delegation walked out of Clinton's speech at UNHRC

Hillary Clinton gave a speech at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.

Most of the speech was dedicated to talking about Libya and about the events happening in the Arab world as a whole. She spoke about the importance of democracy and freedom.

In a very brief section of the speech, she said:
And I must add, the structural bias against Israel – including a standing agenda item for Israel, whereas all other countries are treated under a common item – is wrong. And it undermines the important work we are trying to do together.
This was the only mention of Israel in the speech.

According to Palestine Press Agency and other Arabic news agencies, quoting unnamed Arab diplomatic sources, the Palestinian delegation walked out because of her remarks, saying that she has double standards by speaking about Libyan human rights but downplaying (in their minds) Palestinian Arab human rights.

Here is another insult that the Palestinian Arabs have hurled at the US - and another insult that goes unreported by the media. Imagine the outcry if an Israeli delegate walked out during any speech by an American!

(h/t Ali for translation help)