Sunday, February 13, 2011

Morning links

The Sinai is turning problematic, as the Egyptian army does not have a strong presence there and the Bedouin are taking advantage of a lawless environment. Israel requested that all Israelis leave the Sinai and there have been attacks on a church as well as governmental and police buildings.

Some problems in Tahrir Square as well.

The Guardian started translating some of its articles into Arabic, apparently to solidify its base audience. Is a merger with Al Jazeera far behind? (h/t CiFWatch via Samson)

An Israeli Arab goes on YouTube to defend his country. (And I mean Israel.)

My Right Word looks at some of the pro-Palestinian Arab events being sponsored by the US Consulate in Jerusalem.

Israel finally found a permanent UN representative, Ron Prosor, who seems to be very good. That vacuum was a problem.

Hamas' Al Qassam website has a heartbreaking story about how some Arab kids in Silwan are under house arrest. Of course, it doesn't mention that these same kids have a habit of hurling life-threatening boulders at cars with Israeli license plates.