Monday, October 11, 2010

More cars stoned in Silwan (video)

Israel's Channel Two interviews a woman, Keren Levy, who (along with her daughter)  passed by the exact spot that David Be'eri was ambushed by rock throwers on Friday. She was hysterical as she shows the large rocks that managed to break her window.

For some reason, the international media that was on the scene must have moved on at that point.

During the interview, the Israeli journalists get attacked themselves by stones.

David Be'eri is also interviewed in this segment, describing why he had no choice - either to keep driving or to use his own weapon, which would have been worse.

This is what the Palestinian Authority proudly describes as "peaceful resistance."

(h/t Joel)

UPDATE: Arab residents of Silwan were interviewed by Israel's Channel 2. Some said how much they hated the Jews in their neighborhood, including Be'eri, but off the record others said that they felt that Be'eri had no choice and they would have acted the same.

This indicates how fearful Arabs are of saying anything that can be construed as being the slightest bit sympathetic towards Israel - they are in fear for their own well-being. Yet Western reporters never factor this into their dramatic interviews with poor Palestinian Arab victims of Israeli aggression.