Sunday, February 13, 2011

Besieged Gaza limits - imports from Israel

Exactly how you would expect a starving, besieged people to act, right?

From Ma'an:
A statement from Gaza's Ministry of the National Economy said Sunday that a new set of restrictions would be put on goods being imported into the coastal enclave, including a ban on clothing manufactured in Israel.

For several other items, the statement said, merchants would have to apply to the ministry for permission to sell the goods.

Ma'an obtained a copy of the list, which included the following items manufactured in Israel:

Require approval

- Home and office furniture
- Plastic products
- Tissues, toilet paper,
- Hoses
- Juices, soft drinks
- Chemical products
- Canned beans
- Biscuits, all types of candies
- Packaging materials

The ban and restrictions apply only to goods manufactured in Israel, with government officials saying goods produced from any other nation would not be subject to the restrictions.

Goods produced in Israel, merchants say, are often easier to import, and face fewer delays and restrictions at the crossings.
Palestine Press Agency explains that these restrictions are meant to protect the tunnel trade, which Hamas heavily taxes and which has taken a hit during Egypt's unrest.