Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Arab sentenced to prison for selling land to Jews

Palestine Press Agency reports that a man has been sentenced to prison for selling land to an Israeli.

The regional court in Nablus ruled on Tuesday against the Salfit man, sentencing him to ten years in prison for selling land to Israelis.

The accused is 70 years old, and he sold the land in 1981.

He violated the Article 114 of the [Jordanian] Penal Code of 1960 number 16, which prohibits selling land to "the enemy," with "the enemy" specifically defined elsewhere as "any man or judicial body [corporation] of Israeli citizenship living in Israel or acting on its behalf."

After Jordan's peace treaty with Israel, this law was revised, but the Palestinian Arabs still use the 1960 Penal Code - even though they have a draft law to replace it with a similar law mandating the death penalty for anyone selling land to "the occupier."

It is interesting that the Palestinian Arab court system still legally defines Israel as "the enemy."