Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Self-hating Jew Gilad Atzmon goes nuts over - a comic book

This is classic! From crazy far left Online Journal:
Captain Israel- A sickening hasbara magazine for Jewish diaspora youngsters
By Gilad Atzmon

Look at this new Jewish-cartoon magazine -- PDF version.

It has become pretty obvious that that Israelis and Zionists do not try to disguise their morbidity anymore. Zionism is clearly a threat to humanity and humanism.

Airplanes and tanks, decorated with Jewish symbols, are consigned to spread death and carnage in the name of the Jewish people.

Captain Israel, a kosher superman, is holding a Menorah torch. He is there to set the entire region on fire.

Endowed with the ‘strength of Samson’ and the ‘wisdom of Solomon,’ Captain Israel is a genocidal hero who profoundly personifies the disastrous state of current Jewish national affairs

Israelis and Zionists are proud of their pathological, murderous intentions. They are a threat not just to their neighbors, but to humanism and humanity in general.
You can almost feel the spittle hitting the keyboard as he angrily types in his bile.

And what is driving Atzmon so crazy?

 Does Captain Israel glorify war? Hardly.

Atzmon proceeds to get this Captain Israel mixed up with a different character at the SuperJews website that can be found here.

(h/t Lenny and Challah Hu Akbar for the correction immediately above.)