Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Muslims freak out over Kotel iPhone app

Recently, the Western Wall Heritage Foundation released iKotel, an iPhone app that lets you see a live camera view of the Western Wall and also allows you to send notes to be placed between the stones. It also helps point the user towards the Temple Mount for prayers.

Muslims aren't happy.

The Al Aqsa Foundation put out a press release, quoted by Ma'an, saying that the Jews - through this app - are attempting to get the younger generation to forge a closer connection to what they falsely call the "Al Buraq Wall."

Palestine News Network quoted them:

The "Al-Aqsa Foundation" said that the Wailing Wall is an integral part of the Al Aqsa Mosque, and it is exclusively Islamic, linked ideologically and religiously fully with the incident of [al-Buraq] with the Prophet Mohammed - peace be upon him - and non-Muslims have no right to it, even to the dust of the Wailing Wall, it is the right of Muslims and will remain so, even though it came under the control of Israeli occupation.

Next week the Al Aqsa Foundation will probably come out with a press release slamming the 1695 Amsterdam Haggadah, which depicts the Second Temple in Jerusalem:

Also, the official WAFA news agency of the Palestinian Authority quotes the Al Aqsa press release with obvious approval of the contents. The PA had previously published a paper claiming that there is no Jewish connection to the Temple Mount.

Is there any daylight between the rantings of the "extremists" of the Al Aqsa foundation and the "moderate" Palestinian Authority?