Thursday, December 23, 2010

PalArab news roundup

The PA claims to have stopped a Hamas cel in Ramallah that was planning to attack PalArab forces.

Firas Press reports that Israel will allow some 50,000 mobile phones to be imported into Gaza.

They also quote Bashir Assad as saying that Syria does not support Hamas, but supports its cause. Which is very interesting since Hamas' political headquarters is in Damascus, and nothing happens in Damascus without the Syrian regime's approval.

Palestine Times reports that Egypt is considering limiting where Israeli tourists can go in the country, in the wake of espionage allegations. They are concerned about the upcoming January pilgrimage of some Jews to the grave of Rabbi Yaakov Abuhatzeira.

Another Palestine Times article claims that the Mossad has infiltrated the highest levels of Fatah. This explains Arafat's "assassination." (PalTimes is a Hamas newspaper.)

Al Ahram quotes the BBC as saying that Israeli police arrested a man who was planning to blow up the Al Aqsa mosque.The Peninsula mentioned this a couple of days ago.