Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Last call: Come to tonight's Hasby Awards ceremony and Hasbara 2.0 talk!

Tonight is perhaps your only chance to see the Elder, live!

Yeshiva University - Rubin Hall
185th Street and Amsterdam Avenue
New York City
8 PM

I understand that this event has been heavily promoted all over YU. 

The talk is divided into three sections.

First, the Hasby Awards. The People's Choice award winners are already known, but the top five Hasbies have been chosen by me, according to my criteria for good hasbara, namely: It must be effective at positively changing people's attitudes towards Israel, and it must have been noticed by a large audience.

There will be a brief discussion of why the winners were effective.  I will discuss why this blog (in a vacuum) is not a good example of hasbara, and then we will go in-depth into the Eleven Rules for Hasbara with plenty of examples.

The final part will be about how, specifically, you can contribute to defending Israel, on both an individual and collective level. A large section is entitled "How to Be a Reporter" of things you can do to find and write up news, from your own desk, better than the mainstream media. Then we will go into how to publish, amplify and publicize the stories that need to be read by a large audience - not only how to make them go viral, but how to improve their reach and effectiveness. 

There is a ton of information, and I can guarantee that you will learn something. 

Afterwards, assuming that the digital voice recorder and lapel mike I just bought work well, I plan to create a full-length video of the talk. Unfortunately, it will not be free - I did spend a lot of time on this - but excerpts of the talk will be made available on the blog.

If you come tonight, of course, you don't have to pay. Plus you get free food - kosher Dunkin' Donuts, appropriate for Chanukah!

I look forward to meeting you!