Saturday, December 25, 2010

Here's a little Indian Muslim anti-semitism

From the Milli Gazette, described as "Indian Muslims' Leading Newspaper", some garden-variety anti-semitism:

President Obama and other Western leaders are repeatedly asking the Muslims to stop “terrorism” so that they can call off their “war on terrorism”.

There is lot of hypocrisy on this newly popularised term “terrorism”. The Western war on terrorism is nothing but a war on Muslims – plain and simple.

This war is nothing but a zionist conspiracy carried out by the Western Christian leadership at the behest of Jews.

This is because all the Western Christian countries are controlled by the Jews with the help of their money power, media and Christian stooges.

Even a child knows it.

Muslims refused to be fooled: It is the American Jews, who control that country and managed Obama election. It is they who managed to make him utter sweet words to Muslims at Cairo and elsewhere.

But the Muslims refused to be fooled. The Jewish engineered war on Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq resulted in disastrous defeat for US.

Obama later tried to fool the Muslims on Palestine. But here also he failed because the zionist Jews are not prepared to budge even an inch on Palestine.

Any amount of his pouring milk to the serpent is no use. Serpent will continue to bite Obama.

China on the top of the world: Western Christian leaders, led by the US which is controlled by its 2% Jews, are defeated in their war on terror. The Jews with their monopoly over the media, have launched a hurricane of Islamophobia. But nothing is working.

The disgusted Jews got Obama defeated in the recent Congressional elections. Nor are they giving any opportunity to him to succeed in Palestine.
It keeps going but this is the gist of it. When Obama wins, it is because of the Jews. Then he does the bidding of the Jews. Then they get disgusted at how poorly he is acting as their puppet and they defeat him.

Insane ramblings, true, but these ramblings represent at least a portion of Indian Muslims - of which there are some 140 million. Even if only one in five Indian Muslims believe this garbage, they outnumber the Jews of the world by a wide margin.

This endemic Jew-hatred among mainstream Muslims is still rarely addressed in the Western media, as they concentrate on more polished Muslims' public statements that they are only against "Zionists," not Jews. But scratch the surface and you can see that a great portion of the Muslim world makes no such distinctions, and never have.