Sunday, November 07, 2010

The Virginity Capsule - now for sale

We have discussed the phenomenon of hymen restoration surgery for Muslim women to appear more like virgins for their wedding night, and how it is illegal in many Arab countries. But since it can save the lives of many women who might be murdered by their new husbands, the procedure is even covered by British national health insurance. 

But now, there is a cheaper method.

According to Elaph.com, a capsule is being sold in Arab communities in the Middle East - including in Israel - that is inserted vaginally before the wedding night. It then explodes, giving off a red dye that resembles blood, thus potentially saving the woman's life, as well as her reputation.

Not bad for a few bucks.

The capsule is not legal in any country.

Elaph also says that there are many Israeli clinics that perform hymenoplasty, often in a half-hour procedure.

This capsule is similar to a Chinese device I mentioned last year that performed the same function, when an Egyptian cleric demanded that any bride found to be using it should get the death penalty.