Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Speaking of Pamela Anderson...

Gratuitous photo meant to gain more readers
My post that mentioned Pamela Anderson yesterday got lots of attention and probably a couple of thousand hits.

Yet there is more to say about her that illuminates the huge inconsistency of how people on the far left treat Israel.

Israel is the first (and, as far as I know, only) country in the world to have even seriously considered a ban on fur across the board. Certainly, politics has stalled the bill from passing in Knesset, but the fact that it went as far as it did indicates that Israel is, in some respects, a far more liberal country than any other in the world, regardless of the outcome of the bill.

Does this mean that leftists will be more sympathetic to Israel? On the contrary. Here is how the Anti-Fur Coalition reported the political roadblock to the bill:

This situation put Israel in a very negative light as the world watches the dirty political games that are played between the religious parties and the fur lobbyists; instead of taking the opportunity to take a moral and ethical historical step.
More negative than the 192 countries that didn't even consider the issue seriously enough to talk about it?

There's another connection of Pamela Anderson to Israel's liberalism.

Anderson is a guest judge on Israel's version of "Dancing with the Stars."

And, for the first time in any edition of the show worldwide, it will feature a same-sex couple competing.

Again, will any anti-Israel activist, pretending to hate Zionism for liberal reasons, even consider the fact that Israel is acting more liberal than any European country? Will "Queers for Palestine" put out a statement of support for this groundbreaking move?

Not quite.