Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Anti-fur group sends talking breasts to Israel to lobby haredim

There is a bill that has been winding its way through the Knesset to ban the fur trade in Israel altogether - with the exception of fur used for religious purposes (many chassidim wear hats made of fur.)

Animal-rights groups are lobbying hard for the bill, making Israel the first nation in the world to have such a law and hoping for a cascade effect with other nations.

As a result, the bill has become politicized worldwide, with Canadian furriers banding together with some Israeli religious parties to defeat it. They say that a ban on fur would be the first step towards a worldwide ban on kosher slaughter - especially since the same animal-rights activists oppose both.

So the animal-rights movement is sending a spokesperson to Israel to help convince the religious parties to reconsider their stand.

And who are they sending?

Pamela Anderson.

Does the anti-fur group think that she will help? Do they think that any of the religious Knesset members even heard of her, let alone whether they'd be dazzled by a former TV star whose main assets are her breasts? Do they think that they even heard the word "Baywatch?"